Fine tuning your exercise habits

The habit series, part 3. How to fine tune your training to reduce body fat and develop strength and muscle for a shapely, “toned” and defined figure -that’s functional as well. This part provides a basic workout template, long term programming advice to follow and ways to ensure exercise is both enjoyable and effective soContinue reading “Fine tuning your exercise habits”

Four ways to make the “healthy” option the easy and enjoyable one

The habit series, pt. 2 Exercise within the “bigger picture”: Why enjoying the process is essential to achieving your goals and ensures positive and life-long participation in exercise. With “four ways” to make the ‘healthy’ option the easy and enjoyable one. A Quick recap… If you’ve read part one, you’ll know that “positive experiences reinforceContinue reading “Four ways to make the “healthy” option the easy and enjoyable one”